Our company

Who we are

We are an innovative Czech family engineering company with over 30 years of history. We manufacture mechanical components for machines in various industries, mostly in serial production.

  • Mechanical components for construction and manufacturing machinery.
  • Healthcare - components for operating tables.
  • Vehicle components for special purposes - e.g., for processing of waste etc.
  • Components for industrial gate systems
  • Defense industry - components for transport devices
  • Mechanical components for heat pumps, traction motors, and other devices.

What is fundamental for us

Customer satisfaction is always our top priority, that is why we offer "tailor-made" solutions to meet all requirements and needs of our customers.

In case of any deviation from a drawing or contractual specifications, we communicate that openly, durin the bidding stage. Alternatively, we propose modifications, which enable us to produce the part more efficiently.

Strategic planning is our strength. We are flexible and we promptly manage any unexpected issues.

Why choose us

Our company has the most modern machinery, which we regularly upgrade, increasing our production capacities, and invest in further company development.

We are very fair and competitive, therefore our cooperation with our customers continues to improve, even after 30 years.

The complexity of our services allows us to process the product from the raw material to final assembly directly in our company, ensuring absolute control over the quality of products and their delivery time.

We are also proud recipients of awards:

Contact us

We welcome each of your inquiries and comments. You can easily connect with us and obtain the necessary information.